Sunday, January 23, 2011

This weeks menu

Here's this week's menu! I don't know if you've noticed yet, but lunch generally stays the same. We don't actually eat the same thing every Monday, I just mix it up according to what mood the kiddos are in! Same thing applies to breakfast!

Breakfast- Cereal
Lunch- Homemade Peanut Butter & Banana sandwich
Dinner- Red Beans and Rice Chicken Pesto


Breakfast- Toast and yogurt
Lunch- Mac & Cheese
Dinner- Cavatini (we didn't have it last week!)

Breakfast- Muffins & Fruit
Lunch- Chicken Nuggets
Dinner- Shepard's Pie

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs & Turkey Bacon
Lunch- Grilled Cheese
Dinner- Gumbo Tacos

Breakfast- Waffles
Lunch- Pizza
Dinner- BBQ pork in the crockpot 

Breakfast- Cereal
Lunch- ham and cheese
Dinner- Pizza

Breakfast- Kids will eat a bowl of cereal or toast, Hubby and I have a muffin and coffee at church.
Lunch- at church. A long time family friend's son is getting baptized and we're having dinner on the grounds afterwards! YUM! 
Dinner- Usually don't cook Sunday nights.

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